Diffusion Confusion

Full disclosure: Acoustic Geometry makes the World’s Best Acoustic Diffusors. This may have an effect on my blog. From Wikipedia: “Diffusion, in acoustics and architectural engineering, is the efficacy by which sound energy is spread evenly in a given environment… Virtually all spaces are non-diffuse… Small sound spaces generally have very poor diffusion characteristics at… Continue Reading →

The Mind Is A Terrible Thing (To Fool)

During the first listen-through of an object-theater exhibit project (Home Place Minnesota) for the Minnesota History Center, one of the exhibit’s curators, a highly-nervous new staff member, asked me whether the fiddle used to record the background music for a Finnish immigrant story was a genuine Finnish violin (though the voice talent wasn’t a Finn).… Continue Reading →

Room Packs – Finally!

OK, we now have five product groupings that will really improve your room AND save you real money ($129.90 to $845.70!). Seriously, we’ve been meaning to offer “Room Packs” – discounted sets of our most popular acoustic treatments – for over a year, but we’ve been a bit busy lately (making super-popular videos and such). We finally… Continue Reading →

The ‘Long View’ of Sound

Good acoustic spaces allow better non-thinking, emotional reactions to sound and music. There’s a moment early in the movie “Men In Black” – after a big green alien has put up ‘all his hands and flippers’ (and was then blasted to goo) – where an older, tired-out Agent D says to Agent K “They’re beautiful,… Continue Reading →

A Great Deal(er)!

It’s great to be a Pro! Acoustic Geometry, the Premium brand in acoustic products, has a limited number of retail dealers that qualify as Audio Professionals. Why? Pro audio people searching for real-world solutions to acoustical problems would rather deal with people who really understand their unique businesses. And that means the companies we want… Continue Reading →


Huge Huge Gains…

We hear from Doug, a happy customer. Doug, who very recently purchased (from Full Compass Systems in Madison, WI) and installed four Curve Diffusors (2 Medium, 2 Small) in his already-absorber-treated control / recording room, sent us this email: “First Impressions of my AG’d [Acoustic-Geometry’d] room: Thanks John!!! A giant thorn has been removed from… Continue Reading →

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