Old powerful stage concert audio speakers

The Perfect Sound Image

Even the best mix won’t work with some speaker placements. Once upon a time, back in the big-dang vinyl-record-label era, I was one of two mixing engineers on a big-dang album project with a huge-dang artist. We had the luxury of working in a recording studio with a vinyl-disc-cutting mastering room down the hallway, so,… Continue Reading →

Speakers and Acoustics – A Marriage Blog

How is the topic of “room acoustics” similar to the spouse of the Vice-President of the United States? They’re both important but very rarely thought about. But the Vice-Prez and spouse are a married couple, and they influence each other considerably – just like speakers and acoustics. However, this being a contentious political year, I’ll now… Continue Reading →

What are “Acoustic Panels”?

I understand, I really do – we all want the simplest-possible solution, we’re all bombarded by TMI (too-much-idiocy-information), we all need less, not more. So we revert to the “Easy Button” (great ad campaign!), and say to the salesperson/consultant/acoustic-buddy that we want “acoustic panels” to fix the sound in our rooms.… Continue Reading →

Custom Curve Diffusors, Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

RMAF News 2014

Our friend Thomas Sulentic, of Pure Audio Project USA, sent us the following news from the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) 2014 after setting up their demo room with four custom-copper-painted Curve Diffusors: John – Just wanted to follow up and tell you first of all THANK YOU SO MUCH! The show was great success from… Continue Reading →

Value – What’s Your Sound Worth?

In the current American economy, we see “value” mentioned frequently, and while the word “cheap” isn’t used, it’s often implied. No one wants to own cheap products, but no one wants to spend more than they should to get the performance they want. There’s a wide range of quality and price, from $99 “recording-studio-in-a-box” and… Continue Reading →

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