Door Seal Kit Installation Video

The Acoustic Geometry Door Seal Kit is the best place to start when soundproofing a room. This short install video shows how to stop sound leakage through the door’s air gaps with this affordable, effective, and easily-installed noise-control kit.

Acoustic Panels – What & Where

Most of the questions sent to Acoustic Geometry involve acoustical panels and where they should go. This video provides answers in a short and easy-to-understand way that will apply to most room treatment needs.

Marble Cherubs

Want great acoustics? Get some statues and columns… Not so much for speech, but for music nothing beats listening to an orchestral concert in one of the baroque halls built in the 16th through 18th centuries in Europe. Obviously the acoustics are great, but why do they sound (and look) so beautiful? Easy answer —… Continue Reading »

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