The Mind Is A Terrible Thing (To Fool)

During the first listen-through of an object-theater exhibit project (Home Place Minnesota) for the Minnesota History Center, one of the exhibit’s curators, a highly-nervous new staff member, asked me whether the fiddle used to record the background music for a Finnish immigrant story was a genuine Finnish violin (though the voice talent wasn’t a Finn).… Continue Reading →

Room Packs – Finally!

OK, we now have five product groupings that will really improve your room AND save you real money ($129.90 to $845.70!). Seriously, we’ve been meaning to offer “Room Packs” – discounted sets of our most popular acoustic treatments – for over a year, but we’ve been a bit busy lately (making super-popular videos and such). We finally… Continue Reading →

The ‘Long View’ of Sound

Good acoustic spaces allow better non-thinking, emotional reactions to sound and music. There’s a moment early in the movie “Men In Black” – after a big green alien has put up ‘all his hands and flippers’ (and was then blasted to goo) – where an older, tired-out Agent D says to Agent K “They’re beautiful,… Continue Reading →

A Great Deal(er)!

It’s great to be a Pro! Acoustic Geometry, the Premium brand in acoustic products, has a limited number of retail dealers that qualify as Audio Professionals. Why? Pro audio people searching for real-world solutions to acoustical problems would rather deal with people who really understand their unique businesses. And that means the companies we want… Continue Reading →


Huge Huge Gains…

We hear from Doug, a happy customer. Doug, who very recently purchased (from Full Compass Systems in Madison, WI) and installed four Curve Diffusors (2 Medium, 2 Small) in his already-absorber-treated control / recording room, sent us this email: “First Impressions of my AG’d [Acoustic-Geometry’d] room: Thanks John!!! A giant thorn has been removed from… Continue Reading →

Everyone Seems To Agree…

On the importance of treating the First Reflection Points (but – with what?) Acoustics, like other human endeavors, generates opinions by the roomful. It’s normal and expected; there are also rare instances of opinions becoming facts via scientific research, and the concept of the “First-Reflection Points” (FRPs) appears to be headed for wider acceptance. A… Continue Reading →


Testing 1, 2 – Is This On?

Acoustical testing is a baby that can’t yet speak. It’s a truism in standards-testing industries: you can only test for parameters for which you have tests. In the acoustics business that means testing is limited to measurement values which have accurate and repeatable tests, like sound pressure. This is especially important when you consider that… Continue Reading →

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