Big Thanks!

Often, when companies accomplish some milestone or other, they congratulate themselves on how wonderful they are, how terrific their products are, or some nonsense about their leadership and vision. You won’t be reading that here. Instead, for our small milestone, we’re going to thank the people who actually deserve the credit. First, you’d probably like… Continue Reading →


Acoustic Spaces supplies innovative Curve Diffusors to leading Austin studio AUSTIN, TX, NOVEMBER 18, 2015 – When Orb Recording Studios was looking to balance the sound of the two control rooms in their 5,600-square-foot studio facility, they turned to Mark Genfan, owner and chief designer at Acoustic Spaces, an acoustic design and technical consulting business,… Continue Reading →


Diffusion Confusion

Full disclosure: Acoustic Geometry makes the World’s Best Acoustic Diffusors. This may have an effect on my blog. From Wikipedia: “Diffusion, in acoustics and architectural engineering, is the efficacy by which sound energy is spread evenly in a given environment… Virtually all spaces are non-diffuse… Small sound spaces generally have very poor diffusion characteristics at… Continue Reading →

The Mind Is A Terrible Thing (To Fool)

During the first listen-through of an object-theater exhibit project (Home Place Minnesota) for the Minnesota History Center, one of the exhibit’s curators, a highly-nervous new staff member, asked me whether the fiddle used to record the background music for a Finnish immigrant story was a genuine Finnish violin (though the voice talent wasn’t a Finn).… Continue Reading →

Room Packs – Finally!

OK, we now have five product groupings that will really improve your room AND save you real money ($129.90 to $845.70!). Seriously, we’ve been meaning to offer “Room Packs” – discounted sets of our most popular acoustic treatments – for over a year, but we’ve been a bit busy lately (making super-popular videos and such). We finally… Continue Reading →

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