Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 54 × 25 in


Product Type


Product Use

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  1″ Thickness 2″ Thickness
Width 2′ 2′
Height 4′ 4′
Thickness 1″ 2″
Density 3 pound per square foot 3 pound per square foot
Quantity 6 panels 3 panels
MSRP $169.99 $149.99

These high-performance acoustical absorption panels are made from our eco-friendly recycled Bonded Acoustical Cotton. They are ideal for sound control applications where color and surface texture consistency are not a consideration, such as acoustically-treated wall interiors and inside hanging baffles, or inside cabinetry or resonant cavities to control echo and sound bounce. Common applications are studios, practice rooms, home theaters, performance spaces, school gyms, classrooms, and any application where high-performance sound control is needed. Acoustic Insulation may contribute towards LEED® credits, is Class A fire rated, and 100% recyclable.


Denim Blue (light blue)


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