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  Small Medium Small – Premium Fabric Medium – Premium Fabric
Width 14″ 21″ 14″ 21″
Height 42″ 42″ 42″ 42″
Depth 5″ 7″ 5″ 7″
Absorbs 40-300Hz 40-300Hz 40-300Hz 40-300Hz
Diffuses 500Hz-10kHz 300Hz-10kHz 500Hz-10kHz 300Hz-10kHz
Quantity 1 1 1 1
MSRP $399.99 $449.99 $399.99 $449.99

Curve Diffusors are the most natural-sounding, accurate and affordable improvement you can make to room acoustics… and the easiest.


  • Cylindrical (constant-radius) design is Phase-Coherent
  • Accurate broadband diffusion
  • Built-in MLV Bass-absorber membrane
  • Built-in mid-high internal absorber
  • Stackable in under-8-foot ceilings
  • Easy to mount vertically or horizontally (Combo Stand available)
  • Lab-tested and field-proven
  • Available in many fabric & paint colors and finish options

The Curve Diffusor’s innovative phase-coherent, constant-radius design, with built–in MLV membrane low–bass absorber, uniquely solves two acoustical issues: diffusing mid–high frequencies and controlling low frequencies. It simplifies the creation of accurate acoustic spaces and adds a great high-design style.


Audiophile rooms, recording studios, theaters, auditoriums, bars, restaurants, conference and board rooms, entertainment venues, schools, houses of worship, music practice and band rooms, apartments, condos and more.


Medium Curve: 21” wide, 42” high, 7” deep; Small Curve: 14” wide, 42” high, 5” deep; available in a wide range of fabric & paint colors, wood-veneer finishes & custom sizes

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2 reviews for Curve Diffusor

  1. Paul Niemi

    I found the 21″ diffuser mounted on the stand not only absorbed bass but also cured a harshness in the higher frequencies which I was happy to see go. I intend to acquire two more Curves for the first reflection points to add diffusion. I am very satisfied with this product.

  2. Richard W. (verified owner)

    I purchased 4 of a similar design from a cheaper competitor as they were cheaper the Acoustic Geometry. The competition looks similar but the quality of materials used and workmanship was less than desirable. While I did keep two of these cheaper diffusers, I returned the other two. I decided to purchase a pair from Acoustic Geometry. Wow! These are well made. They are much heavier but the quality and fabrics are excellent. This product will last many, many years. The only downside is that these are more difficult to install correctly. I suggest AG build a template to make it easier to properly place and hang on the wall. Other than this minor issue, this is an excellent product. I also have QRD (Wood) diffusers which I love. The combination of QRD diffusers and these curved diffusers work great in my 2 channel audio setup. I have Martin Logan ESL 13a (Expression) and these dramatically increase the sound stage and produce a better center image than using the QRD panels alone. GREAT PRODUCT!

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